Environmental Management

Wróblewski Services is committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of the natural environment. To this end, we will manage the use, development and protection of natural resources to achieve environmental objectives to meet the needs of our clients. This is achieved through compliance with regulatory responsibilities, as well as through an ongoing commitment to improving operational practices.

Our environmental awareness assists in improving our clients’ environmental performance and enhancing their facility’s operational efficiency.

We will undertake to (where appropriate):

Set a standard of environmental best practice within our industry and work to communicate our efforts and performance to our people and our clients.

Achieve sound environmental practice in all areas of our organisation.

Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Minimise waste production by reusing and recycling materials wherever possible.

Minimise our use of freshwater resources.

Minimise the use of fertilisers, residual herbicides or pesticides.

Undertake to minimise noise pollution and monitor noise generated by our operations.

Use only biodegradable and chlorine-free detergents and cleaning products.

Maximise energy efficiency and minimise emissions.