Occupational Health and Safety

Wróblewski Services is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

We have comprehensive and up-to-date OH&S procedures, policies and systems in place. Our commitment to OH&S excellence within all areas of our organisation is aimed at achieving a work environment where there are no incidents and injuries for all those who work with or for us.

We undertake to provide resources in terms of personnel, time and financial outlay commensurate with the commitment we place on OH&S to achieve these objectives. This includes ensuring that our employees are adequately skilled and trained to carry out the requirements of their work and to comply with health and safety practices and procedures so that they can effectively meet their responsibilities.

Wróblewski Services insists on a positive attitude and performance with respect to health, safety and the environment by all employees, irrespective of their role. All Wróblewski Services people have a responsibility for implementing this system by striving to achieve zero tolerance towards hazards, incidents and accidents.